Luka from the Neighbourhood II
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Luka from the Neighbourhood II

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A bunch of rascals from the local block of flats provide us with heaps of laughter.

We already know Luka, Oskar, Lili and Amir from the comic book Luka from the Neighbourhood. Now, in the new book Luka from the Neighbourhood II, we once again follow their adventures at school, in the streets, and at the coast. Unfortunately for their neighbour Koko Dajsa, many adventures also take place in the backyard, the stairwell, and in the apartments of their block. Friendships are sometimes tested, but good friendships can withstand a soggy notebook or a misplaced invitation.

It's a sequel of the popular comic. Comics about a group of schoolfriends are perfect for beginner readers, as they guarantee plenty of humour as well as wisdom about the importance of friendship, the concept of “practice makes perfect”, intergenerational relations, and care for the environment.


Illustrator: Miha Hančič
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: 6+
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 44
Format: 195 mm x 250 mm x 10 mm