Who Do You Think ...?
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Who Do You Think ...?

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Picture book Who Do You Think …?  continually asks questions. Who do you think is fast? Who do you think likes to play? Who do you think is tall? This book is interested in what your child thinks. Today, maybe a child might think a balloon is big, but tomorrow that could be a duck, which has so much breath to fill that balloon. Young ones can come up with a different answer every day! The answers to the questions are hidden in colorful illustrations, which depict the same characters in different poses and with different accessories: Rob the Robot, Father Frost, dog Fifi, grandpa Živko, Jana and Jaka, unicorn Samo, mice Nina, Bina, Pina, and Mina, duck Rado, bug Žan, a balloon, a flower, guard Mirko and Mr. Crocodile. The book is perfect for gathering the whole family to have fun with book heroes and compare their answers. The question that is always asked on the left side of this book does not mean there is only one possible answer to it! 

Illustrator: Ivan Mitrevski
Categories: Children's Books
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 28
Format: 215 mm x 275 mm x 10 mm