Bina Štampe Žmavc

Bina Štampe Žmavc


Bina Štampe Žmavc is a Slovenian poet and writer who, after completing grammar school in Celje, studied comparative literature and literary theory at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. The focus of her creative work is literature for children. She writes poetry as well as prose and plays. Bina Štampe Žmavc can perform magic with words and her works already belong to the classics of Slovenian children's literature. Her poems and stories can be found in primary school text books and anthologies of poetry and prose for children. She has published 5 books of poetry for adults, 3 of them containing sonnets. She lives and works in her home town of Celje. She was nominated for the Večernica Award 1996, 1998, 2001, 2003 and 2008, and won the Golden Dwarf Award for best Slovenian drama text for children in 1994, the Original Radio Play for Children Award presented by Radio Slovenia in 1999 and 2003, and the Klemenčič Award for Best Slovenian Original Puppet Play at the Klemenčič Days puppet festival. She was also awarded at the international literary competition Parole senza frontiere in Trento, Italy in 2003.



  • IBBY Honour List 2012 
  • The White Ravens 2011
  • Večernica 2010  (the most important Slovenian award for youth literature)
  • The Desetnica Award, 2010
  • The Desetnica Award, 2007
  • Second Prize, the International Biennial Janusz Korczak Awards, 2000