50 Abstract Inventions
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50 Abstract Inventions

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When we hear the word “invention”, practical inventions first come to mind – those that make our lives easier. We often forget about abstract inventions which determine and guide our lives even more than the former. They are used to describe the world, in an attempt to better understand it. With their help we can invent increasingly more complex concrete inventions.
50 Abstract Inventions describes 50 rudimentary concepts used on a daily basis to describe, understand and control the world. The book presents an important, but challenging, subject matter to young readers. It is a product of the author’s long-time work in the field of philosophy of science and is intertwined with her experience in analysing educational children’s and young adult books.

Illustrator: Ivan Mitrevski
Categories: Midgrade Books, Young Adult
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 218
Format: 170 mm x 233 mm x 25 mm
Publishing date: September 2017