A Wonderful Tale
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A Wonderful Tale

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Twin brothers, Dr Booklet and Curls McHat, and other inhabitants of Wonderville wander the city streets without a care in the world, each donning their own hat. They sweeten their lives with delicious donuts, delightful cups of coffee, and delectable words. But one day a seemingly insignificant mosquito fatally overturns the tale. Can our heroes still have their happy ending?
A Wonderful Tale is a picture book about life, which now and then takes a different turn. It purveys the message that sometimes fresh beginnings are more important than happy endings.

Illustrator: Igor Šinkovec
Number of pages: 35
Format: 200 mm x 270 mm x 7 mm
Publishing date: 27. 9. 2017
Country: Slovenia
Covers: Trda
Recommended age: 6+