Bread Town
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Bread Town

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The work is an interweaving of the author’s imagination and real people, places, buildings in which the architect Jože Plečnik appears as a little boy who spends the holidays with his aunt. There, he likes to create various things from bread dough: bridges, houses, stools ... In the story, he tells his aunt about how he climbed into a loaf of bread and ended up in a large town with a river running through it. It was a town with a big church, a castle, and beautiful houses. There he met a little girl called Alice and a white puppy who only eats hard-boiled eggs. They strolled around the city together, enjoying the hustle and bustle, and encountered fishermen and even a creature called Waterman. When the boy describes all this to his aunt, she naturally thinks that he fell asleep and dreamed it all, which would not be unusual for his level of imagination.

Bread town is not merely a fantasy tale about a young Plečnik who spends his holidays with his aunt. The book’s author Peter Svetina invites the reader into his creative workshop in an excellent introduction, and an expert on Jože Plečnik, Damjan Prelovšek, takes us through the life and work of the great architect. So, there are in fact as many as three stories in one book, including wonderful illustrations by another master of his craft.

Illustrator: Peter Škerl
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: for readers of all ages
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 44
Format: 230 mm x 310 mm x 11 mm