Cluckrissa in Cackleville
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Cluckrissa in Cackleville

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Cluckrissa is a nagging old hen who constantly criticizes and controls everyone around her. One day, while spying on her neighbours, she breaks her leg and ends up in a wheelchair. Her niece Krishna and Krishna’s friend Harry volunteer to help her. Taking care of the quarrelsome Cluckrissa surely isn’t easy, but in this case the worm catches the bird.

An amusing book of laugh-out-loud funny adventures and quirky characters that will make you want to move to Cackleville.

Illustrator: Miha Hančič
Categories: Midgrade Books
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: 8+
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 72
Format: 150 mm x 215 mm x 13 mm
Publishing date: March 2018