Court of Law
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Court of Law

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In the aftermath of a shoot-out, there are not only victims, but also a bunch of open questions. Although the alleged offenders are soon discovered, the charges include many gaps and uncertainties. Can an individual trust that the court of law will rule whether someone has committed a crime on the basis of indisputable facts? Or is perhaps the court a human and unreliable thing?

This multifaceted work is a novel on the reality of post-Communist transition and post-transition, especially those segments that often fill the daily media: the functioning of the judiciary, denationalisation issues, systemic corruption, recapitalisation of banks. It is also a novel about different forms of love, the boundaries of friendship, a tale of how the boundaries between good and evil, ethical and unethical, right and wrong can be extremely thin and blurred – as well as always individually depended.

As a lawyer, Igor Karlovšek faces many difficult and well-known cases. One of them is described in this novel. He has been writing books, television and film scripts and radio plays for more than three decades.

Categories: Adult
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 432
Format: 150 mm x 230 mm x 37 mm
Publishing date: May 2019