Curious Fairytales
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Curious Fairytales

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Which is the best letter to start a fairy tale with? Why are fairytales curious? What is the difference between good night stories and breakfast stories? The answers to above and other questions can be found on the pages of Slavko Pregl's picture book Curious Fairytales. The main characters in the book are a little girl, Varja, and her Grandpa. And let's not forget the kitty cats! Each chapter is preceded by Kostja Gatnik's illustrations, reflecting well the humorous, playful spirit of the text. The observers with a keen eye will also have a chance to discover illustrator's own image hidden among them. In the text, Slavko Pregl, in his easily recognizable manner, namely with a large dose of likeableness, plays with the letters and words, strings entertaining scenes and proves to be a great connoisseur of the young(est) crowd; not only of the children's internal world, but also of their taste. Therefore Curious Fairytales are just up their street. Same goes for their grandmas and grandpas, who won't take long to figure out what to take along when accompanying their grandchildren into the Land of Dreams or on an imaginary trip in the middle of the day.

IBBY Honor list 2014

Illustrator: Kostja Gatnik
Categories: Midgrade Books
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 56
Format: 140 mm x 215 mm x 9 mm
Publishing date: November 2011