Edgy Emma: Emma Spoils the Party
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Edgy Emma: Emma Spoils the Party

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Emma and her best friend Kate go to their classmate Augusta’s birthday party. Emma’s invitation even includes a few points on what she shouldn’t do at the party, but this is hardly an obstacle she cannot overcome. She’ll think of something else to perk up the party. Naturally, Emma’s suggestions end up in disaster, which includes an explosion and a gruelling test of Augusta’s mother’s nerves. Think twice before you invite Emma to your party!

Emma Spoils the Party is the second book of the Edgy Emma series; the main character is an impish, confident, saucy girl who has no trouble making up and realising whacky ideas that often give the people around her headaches, or worse. This is an original, amusing, dynamic girls’ version of Horrid Henry, but not at all a girls-only book; boys definitely won’t turn their noses up at Emma’s original ideas on how to make her life more interesting and that of others miserable. With its simple but lively sentences and short chapters, which are also “broken up” with dynamic black-and-white illustrations by Matej de Cecco (which really capture both Emma’s image and the edginess of the text!), this book is more than suitable for the so-called reluctant readers. It’s guaranteed fun and will be read in one go!

Illustrator: Matej de Cecco
Categories: Midgrade Books
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: 8+
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 64
Format: 130 mm x 205 mm x 10 mm
Publishing date: February 2020