Goodbye, Lara
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Goodbye, Lara

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A teenager Lara has been found murdered. Her parents, as well as her twin sister Tina's worlds have come crashing down. After a few months, the police is still no closer to finding the culprit. Tina then decides to take things into her own hands and embarks on a dangerous hunt for the killer. Apart from having to deal with a great deal of own emotional turmoil, she is also forced to make decisions that she can only hope will be right...

Goodbye, Lara is a young adult novel written by the author and lawyer Igor Karlovšek. It is an absorbing and impassioned murder mystery page-turner that will leave the reader breathless.

Categories: Young Adult
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 212
Format: 150 mm x 250 mm x 25 mm
Publishing date: April 2020