How Mister Felix Found Blessing in Disguise
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How Mister Felix Found Blessing in Disguise

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Felix rides his bike to get a new chair, as the old one is too low and he always soaks the newspaper in lemonade, which starts to get on his nerves. But unfortunately, his expedition does not end with a new piece of furniture. It ends with an ugly fall, by right a real car accident. Luckily, Felix takes it a little bit better than his bike, but luck is on his side also, since the lady, who made him have to break so suddenly and fatally, is his old friend Petra. She diligently visits him in the hospital and keeps him company, and above all, takes care of him and his bike. Well, in a special way, because not even Petra, with her creative streak and deft fingers, is incapable of a miracle that would put the bike back in driving condition ... 

Felix, who unexpectantly finds luck, is the same guy who wildly pressed the pedals in a tense cycling race in the picture book How Mister Felix Entered a Bicycle Race. The bike is different, but the illustrator is the same, and yet again she created colorful illustrations, the cranky Mr. Felix, and the energetic Petra. The same is also the designer, who packed it all into a witty package of surprises, misfortune, and even more fortune, friendship, goodwill, and even better ideas. The new picture book with Mr. Felix in the lead is suitable for both, family reading and independent readers, who can laugh at likable eccentricities and are curious if Felix still has braids on his beard.

English text available upon request

Illustrator: Ana Razpotnik Donati
Categories: Children's Books
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 28
Format: 195 mm x 250 mm x 12 mm