In The Desert
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In The Desert

19.95 EUR (Trda vezava)


The picture book is intended for preschoolers, beginner readers and family reading. It tells the story of a Tuareg girl and a camel and its calf. This glimpse of Tuareg life is admittedly brief, but narratively powerful. As the caravan makes camp, the girl, named Darur, feels extremely thirsty. She can't wait for her dad, who has gone to fetch water, so she wants to milk the camel. Her little sister Dassin warns her that the milk is only for the camel's calf. So Darur takes away the calf and milks the camel. As she quenches her thirst, she steps on a sharp bone and cuts her sole. She holds up her foot under the camel's tail so it pees on it and sterilizes the wound. Darur goes to get her calf. The story includes a few expressions from Tuareg life and explains them with illustrations.

Illustrator: Suzana Bricelj
Number of pages: 23
Format: 175 mm x 175 mm x 10 mm
ISBN: 978-961-272-138-1
Publishing date: 5. 3. 2014
Country: Slovenia
Covers: Trda
Recommended age: 4+