Juniper, a Boy from a Pile Dwelling
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Juniper, a Boy from a Pile Dwelling

23.95 EUR (Trda vezava)

Juniper lives in a pile-dwelling settlement in what is today the Ljubljana Marshes. He loves to listen to his Grandpa Wolf’s stories and wants to become a good hunter, like his father. Juniper often visits his Uncle Cloud, who makes unusual wooden objects. While everyone takes Uncle Cloud for a crackpot, Juniper helps him with the creation of a very special round object that will change the world.
The exciting prehistoric adventure is accompanied by appendices explaining some notions and citing the sources for the stories, which are based on true historical facts.

Illustrator: Jure Engelsberger
Number of pages: 72
Format: 0 mm x 0 mm x 0 mm
ISBN: 978-961-272-209-8
Publishing date: 1. 3. 2016
Country: Slovenia
Covers: Trda
Recommended age: 9+