Just Take Me Home
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Just Take Me Home

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An almost fatal car accident intertwines the lives of a man and a woman in their mature years. After a passionate affair, their paths separate, but not for long, and the continuation of their story is surprising for both - and also for the reader. 

With his new novel, Igor Karlovšek opens doors to things we seldom speak about: that a passionate love holds various faces and that it is by no means limited to young years. At the same time, he subtly asks questions that sooner or later strike each of us: how to help a severely suffering, dying close one in his last, often worst, and longest moments. How much can we humans endure, and where is the threshold our rationality breaks to be replaced by impulses and drives? To what extent are we driven by the love for the close one and what are we willing to do in need to protect him/her?

Categories: Adult
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 424
Format: 150 mm x 230 mm x 33 mm