On the Treasure Island
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On the Treasure Island

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While this is a tale about pirates, it is by no means a classic pirate tale, let alone a clichéd one; there is no shooting with guns and cannons, but despite its pacifist character, the story is full of suspense. The simple, carefully refined humorous text contains a crucial and ingenious idea, on which the story is based: a mix-up or unnoticeable “crossing” of the pirates with a prince, and the “journey” of the treasure from the former to the latter. The surprisingly peaceful (thisis indeed a part of its charm and originality) and fun story about the popular children’s heroes is accompanied by opulent illustrations.

Illustrator: Damijan Stepančič
Categories: Children's Books, Midgrade Books
Country: Slovenija
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 36
Format: 195 mm x 265 mm x 11 mm
Publishing date: October 2013