Rumi and the Captain
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Rumi and the Captain

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A boat sails over the bright blue sea, carrying Captain Adrian, the fearless and brave dog Rumi and the spoilt cat Aba. A storm interrupts their calm voyage, and when they finally spot land on the horizon, they are sure their troubles are over. But who are the castaways huddling on the rocks of the nearby island? Rumi jumps into the water and catches sight of two children with a bindle and a hungry cat. Adrian and the crew are determined to help the strangers. However, the path to rescue is a long one. Who are the children and where do they come from? Why don’t they have any documents? Will the brave crew successfully outwit the pirates and, more importantly, will they succeed in persuading the police officer?

The children’s narrative poem Rumi and the Captain by the versatile artist and actor Saša Pavček takes the reader on an exciting literary journey over the agitated waters of courage, bravery and playfulness. Rumi the dog – a hero of our time – can save the lives of war victims, cleanse the earth and sing. The poet has written an ode to peace, humanity and bravery, which is bursting with life and love for fellow people and animals. In the playful style of an adventure at sea, the poem addresses both the issue of environmental pollution and the topical refugee problems, including the related general lack of sympathy.

Illustrator: Ejti Štih
Categories: Children's Books
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 72
Format: 215 mm x 275 mm x 11 mm
Publishing date: November 2018