Snuffy and Hopsy
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Snuffy and Hopsy

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Domen is facing problems at the kindergarten. Will his daddy successfully brighten the boy’s mood with the help of two special friends?

The author kindly addresses the child’s fears and various other feelings. Domen has a falling out with his friend at the kindergarten, which makes him sad, but he knows neither how to talk about this with his daddy nor how to solve the situation. Through a game, his daddy comes up with an ingenious way to loosen his son’s tongue and almost unknowingly brings him to a (simple) solution to his problem. The story is written with a great attention to young children, to whom it, in passing, also relays a positive message – with a little effort, a solution can be found for many a situation that at first makes us desperate and miserable. Similarly unobtrusively, the author stresses the role of the parents, in this case the father, in prudently and creatively guiding their children.

Illustrator: Tanja Komadina
Categories: Children's Books
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 24
Format: 195 mm x 250 mm x 10 mm
Publishing date: April 2018