Strange Quantum World
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Strange Quantum World

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This one is for everyone, even amateurs in physics who would like to find out how strange the quantum world really is. Reading this book will certainly make you feel wiser.


The author describes her work as a trip into the strangeness of the quantum world. She presents the unusual results of quantum experiments and scientific descriptions while explaining those lesser-known phenomena of the quantum world. She offers possible explanations for this strangeness, which, after careful philosophical consideration, presents a new image of a world that is no stranger than classical physics, but requires the abandonment of some outdated beliefs. Most of the book follows Bohr’s understanding of the quantum world, and at the end presents a few other views and interpretations of this quantum strangeness.

It is a scientific monograph on quantum mechanics, which tackles its subject matter step by step and does so systematically and clearly, presenting the general public, who are interested in science and philosophy, with an opportunity to delve into this world in a new, easy-to-understand way. Eight chapters are accompanied by mini-comics by Izar Lunaček, whose intelligent humour provides fun intermissions between focused reading.

Illustrator: Izar Lunaček
Categories: Young Adult, Adult
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: adults
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 152
Format: 155 mm x 225 mm x 14 mm