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Igor Karlovšek


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Teenager Simon is a skiing hopeful in Slovenia; even internationally he’s placed in the top ranks in competitions, but then he’s involved in a car crash. It means the end of skiing for him. His father can’t reconcile himself to that, and Simon feels he’s a weakling in his eyes. To prove himself and achieve his father’s recognition, he decides to spend a month in the forest without any perks of civilisation during his holidays. It’s not as simple as he has imagined, but by the third week he’s used to life outside civilisation. That’s when he runs into a twelve-year-old girl who’s escaped from her kidnappers. Simon helps her get to safety.

This is an adventure and crime young adult novel with adept descriptions of survival in the wild, specifically in the forests of Kočevje. The book addresses the issue of growing up through a tense adventure story and excellently combines two poles of surviving in the face of natural and human obstacles.

Categories: Young Adult
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 292
Format: 130 mm x 220 mm x 32 mm
ISBN 13: 9789612722944
Publishing date: April 2018