Thank you for the scissors
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Thank you for the scissors

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Modern genetics and new forms of medical treatment intertwine and connect completely different lives of the three female protagonists. The stories of Meta, a doctor of philosophy with three children, Hana, a young, penetrating biological scientist, and Maša, a carrier of a genetic disease, infuse the narrative with three different forms of encountering the discoveries of modern science: philosophical, scientific and experiential, “human”.

The novel exceptionally vividly captures the social perception of scientific progress and the role of science in shaping the world of our lives, offering a broad and deep insight into the topic in question. It is also a novel of the generation who, tired of waiting to get a position in the research community, took matters into their own hands and wnt abroad.

Categories: Adult
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 191
Format: 155 mm x 235 mm x 20 mm