The Famous Nuška
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The Famous Nuška

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The comic revolves around a girl called Nuška, who is going through typical adolescent problems – she is dissatisfied with her appearance, with her parents, even with her admirer, but her main problem is the fact that she is not famous. In short, Nuška is trying to find herself, and finally, after some arguments, disappointments, bad grades and being grounded, she does find herself – it could even be said that this happens right in the beginning: “I am myself! I don’t care what others think!” The comic book (in colours) is distinguishedby interesting action, lively dialogues in the language of the modern youth, fun scenes, dynamic setting and witty illustrations. The convincingly realisedtheme is relevant again and again in a certain period of a young person’s life. The seeming lightness concealing a more substantial message makes the comicbook The famous Nuška perfect for those readers who are otherwise not veryfond of reading.

Illustrator: Suzana Bricelj
Categories: Midgrade Books
Country: Slovenija
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 40
Format: 195 mm x 270 mm x 5 mm
Publishing date: January 2013