The Fiery Three: The Pursuit
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The Fiery Three: The Pursuit

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A suspenseful historical novel that tells the tale of our shared history and the story of human nature, shaped by our need for survival, attainment of success, and the desire for intimacy and love. You are bound to devour this book, for its pages are delicious.  

In the first part of the Fiery Three saga titled Expulsion, triplets Vuk, Vlad and Flame got their first taste of adolescent love. But both nature and their local tribal folk sometimes represent refuge and other times danger. Živa, Flame’s beloved, ended up in the abyss, and Zora, who formed a closer connection with Vlad, was kidnapped by a Bavarian tribe. In the second part of the saga, Vuk, Vlad and Flame are on Zora’s trail, but soon get involved in fresh inter-tribal disputes, while Živa is trying to survive another relentless winter high in the hills. Throughout the narrative, we follow the struggle for survival, during which the lives of our heroes hang by a thread.


Illustrator: Milanka Fabjančič
Categories: Young Adult
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: 14+
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 264
Format: 140 mm x 205 mm x 22 mm