The Lumber Room
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The Lumber Room

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  • The Večernica Award 2013

This is a special book. In a single volume, the author combined long and short tales, tales about people and tales about objects, poems and diminutive texts playing with the language, some of them bordering on nonsense. Different literary genres and forms follow each other in an intentionally untamed order and rhythm, completely breaking the expectation horizon; each (next) page is an utter surprise. After the suspenseful events of a longer story, the reader can take a breath while reading a poem, in the next moment laugh at the author’s trademark humour or simply wonder at the sound of the language and the acrobatics with words.

Ropotarna was included in the list of books highlighted by the Andersen Jury as an outstanding work.

“The Lumber Room by Peter Svetina is an organized chaos of small treasures, patiently waiting for the reader to pick them up and blow the dust off them. Because the romper room, be it in the attic, in the basement or in the children’s room drawer, hides interesting, even mysterious things.”

- From the Večernica Award Jury

Peter Svetina (1970), writer, poet, translator, university professor and literary scientist, has created an unusual collection of texts of various literary and artistic forms. The title says that it is a »lumber room«, that it is a »warehouse for old, useless things« in the context of individual stories also a region, a shelter, a shrine to old, unserviceable things, or more properly said: things that do not have any labels of use. Even more, this is a space in which even order does not have a sticker and everything is therefore available to the minor and major investigator. The view into the lumber room is also indicative: a small window, a large porthole in the shape of a letter »o« on the cover, through which passers-by can see the interior of the book: the inside of a head, in which thought dwells! A person does not have the power, the authority by which to prevent thinking, to think of specific things but he has the power to employ thought with reflection. The stories and poems in Ropotarna, with illustrations by the top illustrator Damijan Stepančil (1969) are thus dedicated to imagination and feeling. By means of generally human adventures, fears and courage, the writer talks to us as to friends, who in no way wish anything sad, as to those who respect things and the people around them and who are now and then also happy. The illustrator also masterfully follows this relaxed approach. In addition to the normal index, which follows the 12 stories and 9 poems, at the end are added a further two material indexes, subject and name inventories of all that the lumber room offers the reader's imagination.

- IBBY Honour List

Text in English available upon request.


Illustrator: Damijan Stepančič
Categories: Children's Books, Midgrade Books
Country: Slovenija
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 98
Format: 195 mm x 250 mm x 12 mm
Publishing date: January 2013