The Mouse has Pink Glasses
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The Mouse has Pink Glasses

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The Mouse has Pink Glasses is a story about a cheerful, creative and curious little mouse, who has problems at school, which makes her a target of ridicule. When they finally discover, she has dyslexia, they prescribe her special colored (pink) glasses to help her tame the letters and numbers. And so, the life of the little mouse becomes beautiful again, and she even becomes an avid book lover.

This picture book helps parents accepting their child's differences, to protect him/her from humiliation, and to dispel the child's fear. With professional help, all this is possible. Furthermore, this book is also a welcome tool for teachers to discuss with students, how every problem can be overcome by accepting the difference and supporting each other as friends.

Illustrator: Kristina Krhin
Categories: Children's Books
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: 3+
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 28
Format: 200 mm x 270 mm x 10 mm