The Third Way
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The Third Way

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Mueller is a disreputable, immoral German lawyer and criminal law scholar of around forty years old, alienated from himself and the world. Incapable of emotional commitment, he feels nothing when his best friend, Carsten, a former UN soldier stationed in Srebrenica, commits suicide. But around the same time, a coincidence takes place: Mueller is assigned to be legal guardian of Fatima Ismailović, a sixteen-year-old refugee from Srebrenica. During their conflicted relationship, Mueller learns, through Fatima's reminiscences, about the events from 1992 to 1995 that led up to the genocide. Mueller goes back and reads Carsten's suicide note and the diary entries that describe the genocide. He begins to fantasize about seeking justice for all that happened.
Mueller makes a risky decision: as an expert in criminal law, he decides to file indictments against two officers in the Dutch battalion for their failure to help the Bosnians and for their abandonment of helpless people. The story becomes even more high-strung as the Dutch Ministry of Justice begins to exert pressure on the pair. All of the various story lines combine to reach a surprising climax.
The novel, which is well researched in legal matters, offers a recipe of sorts for how to pursue participants in dirty political and economic intrigues. The novel combines the tension of a thriller with the intimate story of two individuals. The story is told from the perspective of both of the main protagonists.


The book was published also in a paperback edition with price of 15,95€.


Extracts from reviews of The Third Way

"The story moves between the tragic dimension represented by the victims, and legal attempts to punish not only those who perpetrated the crime, but also those who were not willing to prevent it (international peacekeeping forces). Narrated in a fierce rhythm and full of carefully established (legal) details, it keeps the reader hooked until the last page. An excellent confessional thriller from the fields of war." 
Dr Samo Rugelj, Slovene author, editor and publisher
Vikend Magazin

"The Third Way is a novel that questions our own conscience and awakens the realization that it is not enough to sigh in compassion when faced with a tragedy; what is needed are internal changes and decisive actions condemning the atrocities."
Andrej Predin, Slovene author, editor and music critic
Slovenske novice

"The Third Way, one of the most convincing (post)Yugoslavian stories written in Slovene language, is a guardian of historical memory and should be read aloud both in high schools and at universities."
Boštjan Videmšek, Slovene journalist, correspondent from world crisis areas for several newspapers and magazines


Categories: Young Adult, Adult
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 271
Format: 155 mm x 235 mm x 27 mm
Publishing date: January 2014