The Three Stallions
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The Three Stallions

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A charming tribute to childhood and a visually stunning piece of literature.


The first-person narrator describes how his childhood was marked by the company of three horses: one from a fairy tale that his mother used to tell him before bed; a Lipizzaner foal that he and his father met and observed on their walks after his mother’s passing; and an imaginary horse he used to hang out with as a youngster in his private world of dreams.

A wonderful, poetic picture book about childhood and growing up. This work of whimsical Slovenian youth literature tells us about the power of fairy-tales, dream images, and the world in general. The book is enriched by the fascinating illustrations of master illustrator Damijan Stepančič.

Illustrator: Damijan Stepančič
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: for readers of all ages
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 40
Format: 220 mm x 305 mm x 12 mm