The Tribe of Fire: Victories and Defeats
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The Tribe of Fire: Victories and Defeats

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Ajda, Mila, and the fearless triplets took a boat to escape from Constantinople. But coming after them is Emperor Mauricius' army, and there are dangers lurking in every corner of Thessaloniki and the Valley of Vardar. Will anyone dare to offer shelter to the brazen fugitives? How will they survive another winter?

Victories and Defeats is the third novel in Igor Karlovšek's The Tribe of Fire series, set against the historical backdrop of the turbulent Great Migration period. There are many important historical figures interwoven in the plot. Who really is Štefan, the young scholar Ajda met in Thessaloniki? And what role in history does Samo, Mila's firstborn, have?

Illustrator: Nana Homovec in Marina Gabor
Categories: Midgrade Books
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: 12+
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 280
Format: 140 mm x 205 mm x 27 mm
Publishing date: July 2020