The Uglies and a Surprise
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The Uglies and a Surprise

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The paunchy, hairy, clawed and gap-toothed uglies may not be pretty; if truth be told, they are downright ugly, and have ugly habits, but they are very likeable nonetheless. Little Frump, Papa Ugly and Mama Hag have found themselves in a third book. This time it is a picture book, which is an excellent halfway point between the board book The Uglies and the Rain and the illustrated book The Uglies.
What does the ugly family do in The Uglies and a Surprise? All we can say is that they don’t sit on their paws, and that there is no shortage of muddy puddles and good ideas, plans and recipes, but the rest will be a surprise!

The Uglies and a Surprise is the third entry in a series of likeable and humorous texts on the quirky, fun-loving and merry uglies, who interpret the human world in their own special way. The boisterous and inquisitive heroes grow along with their child reader, as the series of stories on the uglies consists of a board book, picture book and illustrated book. The hairy creatures, who easily capture the reader’s heart, can thus serve as the first steps in reading – somewhat shaky steps at first, but ultimately stalwart and brave. Just like our uglies.

Illustrator: Zvonko Čoh
Categories: Children's Books
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 24
Format: 200 mm x 270 mm x 10 mm