Timbuktu, Timbuktu
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Timbuktu, Timbuktu

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Much about the content of the illustrated book Timbuktu, Timbuktu can be revealed by taking a look at its characters: there is a path that feels cold, a chocolate with two arms, a car with a moustache, a whale who has settled in a puddle, a lady drinking coffee with the coffee ultimately drinking her ...

The content of this new book by Peter Svetina, who is also the Slovenian candidate for the prestigious Andersen Award, is therefore hard to describe with more than such a collection of titbits, as the stories are thematically extremely varied and tiny themselves, some spanning no more than a few sentences.

Illustrator: Igor Šinkovec
Categories: Children's Books
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: 7+
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 56
Format: 195 mm x 250 mm x 13 mm
Publishing date: December 2019