Who's in Charge Today
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Who's in Charge Today

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Who’s in Charge Today shows us who is actually running the show. Nika, the youngest of five children, is anxious to finally be in charge. When will she finally put on her big girl boots? At the end of the story, perhaps? While seasons pass, mischiefs are managed, experiences are gained, and there is no stopping Nika.
The tales from Who’s in Charge Today are nice and humorous, witty and original. The book is perfect for family reading and the illustrations are playful with accomplished details, not only accompanying but also complementing the stories of the award-winning author.

Illustrator: Tanja Komadina
Categories: Midgrade Books
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 88
Format: 125 mm x 210 mm x 10 mm
Publishing date: March 2017