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This is a special and original book -  a combination of two texts; of prose and dramatic narrative. As such it will be a welcome "aid" to understanding of how a story can be transformed from one literary genre to another. At the same time it might also become the impetus for the creativity of young people, who could, under the guidance of their teachers, or in drama clubs, stage the play Without.
The story is constructed around a problem: the protagonist Simon has difficulties with the law - he steals mobile phones and other technical merchandise and sells them on the black market. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree - Simon's father is in jail, while his mother takes up with a new man. On top of it all Simon is in love with Leila, who has no tolerance for his deeds... Without  is a dynamic story, full of suspenseful situations: both actions and more static events, such as family confrontations or dialogues between Simon and Leila, written in a convincing, lively colloquial language, peppered with slang. Despite mostly serious and suspenseful atmosphere, the work doesn't lack, at the right moments, funny, original and comical formulations, typical for the author.

Categories: Young Adult
Country: Slovenija
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 184
Format: 110 mm x 180 mm x 1 mm
Publishing date: May 2011