Yuck and Peek A Boo
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Yuck and Peek A Boo

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Ksenija Šoster-Olmer, Slovenian children's author living in USA, has conceptualized  and written two board books for the youngest audiences, illustrated by Kristina Krhin. Both stories cater to the language level of preschoolers with clear and simple short sentences, describing objects and experiences in everyday life of a small child. Yuck shows how baby Kaya learns what she should not put into her mouth. Well, then, why should not so yummy baby food go into her mouth? Board book Peek A Boo finds baby Luka learning to play the classical hiding game with various members of his family.  Will he finally learn how to do it and surprise them? Both texts are based on the pattern of repetition with variation, ending with an innovative and entertaining twist. This and the likeableness of the basic premise are the core attractions of both board books, bringing together young children and their caretakers. The board books offer the very young not only a chance to learn about and master their little everyday world, but also the colorful world of books and words.

Illustrator: Kristina Krhin
Categories: Children's Books
Country: Slovenija
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 10
Format: 160 mm x 180 mm x 10 mm
Publishing date: November 2011