I'd Rather Die!
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I'd Rather Die!

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The protagonist is a teenager Ajda, a fan of manuals with content that every girl should master. The author, who has taken quite a few in her hands, does not skimp on quotes from Ajda's favorite literature, but each time, of course, it turns out that manuals are one thing and real life is something completely different. But during the summer holidays, life offers Ajda something completely new - she gets her first period and experiences her first romance. However, in front of her lies a long winding path full of dilemmas, doubts, and questions: what to wear, how to behave, whether he has noticed her, and so on. Mind-blowing drama for a teenager! In addition to the boy she yearns for, Ajda's friend Petra also comes to the seaside. Even her best friend Brina enters the story's narration through messages since she is spending her holidays in Prekmurje. What would a man be without friends! And without holidays! And without fluttering of the heart here and there! 

Illustrator: Milanka Fabjančič
Categories: Midgrade Books
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 120
Format: 140 mm x 205 mm x 17 mm