In a Faraway Forest
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In a Faraway Forest

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In a forest far, far away, woodland critters get into all sorts of mischiefs, embark on exciting adventures, and have an enormous amount of fun. From time to time, some tensions might arise between them, but everything can be solved among friends. In a faraway forest, everyone reaches their happily ever after. One way or another.
In a Faraway Forest is a collection of 10 magical and humorous animal fairy tales, complemented by the delightful illustrations by the renowned Tanja Komadina.

White Ravens 2018

Illustrator: Tanja Komadina
Categories: Midgrade Books
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: 8+
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 96
Format: 150 mm x 215 mm x 15 mm
Publishing date: September 2017