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How to survive the departure of a loved one? How to heal wounds and become whole again, when it seems as if only our shadow walks the world instead of us? What, if anything at all, will make sense of our actions from now on?

The questions, that are probably at least once asked by each of us, are also sensitively asked by the narrator of the book Malabar – who is sensibly looking for their answer. But Malabar is anything but an ordinary love book, it is a narrative that borrows the form of a travelogue, therefor becoming an authentic confession, it is poetry in prose form. With each sentence read, it seems more like a picturesque, temporally, and geographically very diversified path that we follow the narrator along and which in fact leads him into himself; and all the answers he comes to are proving as something universal.

Categories: Adult
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: adults
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 304
Format: 160 mm x 235 mm x 29 mm