The Ballad for the Tree
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The Ballad for the Tree

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The novel is written in the form of a first-person confession of a high school girl Ada, who is one Tuesday hit by a tragedy - her boyfriend Mike commits suicide.

Ada comes from a good, orderly but somewhat cold family - the girl has the feeling that her parents are self-sufficient and that they only perform parental duties regarding their daughters. However, she has a warm relationship with her younger sister, although she is her opposite - carefree and sociable, everything comes easy to her. In contrast, Ada is overly anxious, and as a top violinist, she does not even have time to socialize. She can best relate to the language of music and her instrument; however, this soon becomes the ground for teasing among peers in primary school. In high school, she is doing better in this respect. But then comes Mike, who is practicing karate and plays guitar, and changes everything. Only with him, she can try to live a little differently. Until one day he leaves, and Ada is again alone. Alone with a multitude of questions, with a sense of guilt, and with violent emotions ranging from grief to anger. Why, why, why? Their (extremely beautiful) love story is slowly drawn in front of the reader, as well as their life stories before it, including Mike's mental problems. 

 The Ballad of the Tree is a shocking, exceptionally powerful book about dealing with a loss, trying to accept the unacceptable, and understand the incomprehensible. The novel concludes with an accompanying word by psychologist Janja Istinič, in which she talks about suicide both from a professional point of view and from personal experience. 

Categories: Young Adult
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 238
Format: 155 mm x 235 mm x 23 mm