The Line
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The Line

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The Line is a wordless picture book, where the leading role is played by – a line, of course. The common thread of the book is in other words – the red string that already awaits us on the cover and then leads us through the entire book. The reader follows it from page to page with the help of a black-haired girl, past various characters and scenes, until she meets an old lady …

The observer is offered an exciting journey full of twists and turns, as the line cannot only run straightforward but is – as is life itself – winding. The book is great for children and parents or grandparents to read it together – to look closely at each illustration, where interesting things can always be found, even if only in small details, or to try to put together a story. But you see, the stories, you can come up with, are as many as there are spectators or narrators. The book gives infinite possibilities since the reader is the master of the story. That is the beauty of a wordless picture book. Try it!

Illustrator: Tina Volarič
Categories: Children's Books, Midgrade Books, Young Adult, Adult
Country: Slovenia
Recommended age: for readers of all ages
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 42
Format: 215 mm x 275 mm x 10 mm