The Lost Forest
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The Lost Forest

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  • White Ravens 2013

A young seminarian Karl’s life is turned upside down when an older prieststarts to sexually abuse him under the pretense of some special prayer for the chosen ones. Karl leaves the seminary and flees into the forest of hisyouth. While contemplating, he meets the love of his life, which leaves a deep mark on him, despite the sad fact that they only get a short time together. He wants to find the one responsible for his unhappiness. After many years, however, when he meets the priest who was the reason he had to leave the seminary, Karl discovers that the capability to forgive is one of the highest virtues. Karl’s life is full of ordeals, but he never gives up. He has the strength in him which enables him to find hidden beauty in every experience, no matter how diffcult or painful it is. The novel was one of the five finalists of the “Modra ptica” literary competition.




Categories: Young Adult, Adult
Country: Slovenija
Covers: hard cover
Number of pages: 244
Format: 150 mm x 230 mm x 25 mm
Publishing date: March 2012